Cancellation Policy in Studio

Section 1: Cancellation Policy for Appointments in Studio

A non refundable booking fee is required for all appointments in studio. The booking fee is:

  • *£75.00 – Semi Permanent Brows ( Microblading/Micropigmentation)
  • *£50.00 – Semi Permanent Brows annual colour boost and all subsequent appointments
  • £10.00 – Brow Treatments
  • £20.00 – Makeover services
  • £50.00 – Bridal Makeup plus additional services

*For Semi Permanent Brows – cancellations or amendments with less than  72 hours notice will result in a loss of the booking fee and a charge of £50 will be applicable to confirm  a new appointment for the same service.


  • For all other brows and makeover services-  cancellations or amendments with more than 48 hours notice, the booking fee will remain as a credit for use at a future appointment (of the same value or more than the cancelled service) within 12 months
  • For appointment amendments with less than 48 hours notice, the booking fee will be forfeited. You may book another appointment with a new payment of the required booking fee for your chosen treatment/service
  • If you are unable to come for your scheduled appointment without prior notice of cancellation, you maybe asked to pay the full price for any future appointments in advance to confirm the slot
  • If you are running more than 10 minutes late, I may need to condense your treatment/service to avoid any delays to my next appointment.

Section 2: Terms & Conditions of Booking for Freelance Bridal/Non Bridal Makeup & Hair Services


The below sections set out the basis of the full agreement between you, the client, and your make-up artist and therefore it is essential that you read these fully. Should you have any queries please contact me before accepting. This contract is governed by the law of England and Wales. By proceeding to book, you are accepting these terms and they will be incorporated into your agreement.

2. Definitions

  1. The Client: the recipient of the services listed on the confirmation invoice.
  2. Make-up artist; the artist named on your confirmation invoice.
  3. The Agreement: the contract that exists between the client and the make-up artist for the agreed services and for the agreed fee.
  4. The services: the consultation appointments and make-over appointments arranged under this agreement and provided for the set fee.
  5. The fee: the amount payable by the client to the make-up artist for the services provided.
  6. Final appointment: the time set aside before the event whereby the services set out on the confirmation invoice will be provided to the client.
  7. Balance Due Date: the date on which all monies owed on this booking must be paid to the make-up artist.

3. The Contract

  1. Until receipt of the deposit, all bookings are provisional. Arranging a trial does not reserve the make-up artist’s services for the event.
  2. The contract shall be between the client and the make-up artist for the services set out on the confirmation invoice, for the fee detailed on the confirmation invoice and will be effective from the date of confirmation of booking.
  3. The client must indicate on their booking form their preferred method of contact for all issues relating to this booking, but not limited to those set out within this agreement.
  4. The price agreed at the time of booking is final for the agreed date. If the price list changes at all, the client’s booking will not be affected.
  5. All discounts and special offers are agreed at the time of booking based on the size of the party. If the number or party changes any discounts will no longer be applicable and full current pricing will be charged.
  6. Any booking that needs to be postponed within reasonable notice, the current prices at the time of the new date of booking will be applied and the original invoice will be amended accordingly. Any updated prices will be relayed to the client in advance of the date of the final booking.
  7. If there is a change to the number of clients booked then a new price will be calculated, any discounts or special offers will no longer be valid if the booking number is reduced.

4. Payments by the client

  1. The client must pay a deposit of 35% of the total cost or the amount agreed and requested on the invoice of the booking to confirm the booking. Upon receipt of such payment, the client will receive their confirmation invoice. Failure to pay the deposit will result in the booking date being released. Deposit payments can be made by Bacs or cash, credit/debit card or PayPal.
  2. The confirmation invoice will set out the balance due date by which time the fee specified must be paid. The balance must be paid in full at least 7 days before the event. Failure to pay the fee within the stated time will result in the event being cancelled by Kemmy Arora Mehan, with charges applicable (refer to 8b).
  3. Should the client have any issues with payments, they must contact the make-up artist as soon as reasonably practicable.

5. Services to be provided under this contract

  1. The make-up artist shall provide the services with reasonable care and skill following consultation with the client regarding their specific needs. The trial consultation will take place at BrowSpa, 9 Coast Rd, NE7 7RN.
  2. There is no obligation for the make-up artist to offer a minimum number of consultations or appointments before the final appointment, the actual number provided will depend on the individual needs of the client and determined following the initial consultation. If another trial is required, then the set fee will apply.
  3. The trial consultation may be subject to change, should this occur, the client will be informed through their preferred method of contact with at least 24 hours notice if reasonably practicable, and an alternative arranged.
  4. The make-up artist shall take all reasonable care to perform the services in a professional manner, to be polite and helpful to the client in the provision of the services.
  5. The products to be used during the final appointment shall be provided by the make-up artist unless other arrangements are agreed.

6. Travel expenses

Due to the nature of the service provided, it will be necessary for your makeup artist to travel to the agreed location for the final appointment. All efforts have been made to keep these costs to a minimum. The round-trip costs are set out below:

  • 0- 20 miles: no charge
  • 21 – 40 miles: £25 charge
  • 41 – 60 miles: £35 charge
  • 61 – 80 miles: £45 charge
  • 81-100 miles: £65 charge
  • 101 miles +: to be calculated based on address of destination

7. Responsibilities of the client

The client shall inform the make-up artist of any issues that may affect the use of any equipment and or products at the time of booking. This includes but is not limited to sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions. The make-up artist cannot be held liable for any losses that are incurred due to the client’s failure to inform them of any known condition.

8. Cancellations by the client

  1. Should the client wish to cancel the provisional booking before the deposit is paid no charges will be levied but the date will be released.
  2. Should the client wish to cancel the booking after the deposit has been paid, charges will be added to the client’s account that will reflect the reasonable costs and losses incurred by the make-up artist:
    Cancellation 29 days or earlier from the date of final appointment = loss of deposit.
    Cancellation between 15 and 28 days from the date of final appointment = cancellation charge equivalent to 50% of the total cost of the booking.
    Cancellation between 8 and 14 days from the date of the final appointment = cancellation charge equivalent to 75% of the total cost of the booking.
    Cancellation within 7 days of the final appointment = cancellation charge equivalent to 100% of the total cost of the booking.
  3. Should the client wish to cancel this booking at any stage written notice must be emailed to: Cancellation will take effect from the date of receipt of the written cancellation and you will receive written confirmation of your cancellation and any cancellation charges that may have been levied.

9. Cancellations by the make-up artist

  1. Until the deposit is received, no booking, provisional or otherwise is made.
  2. Once the booking is confirmed the date will be reserved for the client. The make-up artist will attend the date and provide the services listed.
  3. Should any problems arise, the client will be informed as soon as reasonably practicable by the preferred method of contact. The make-up artist will do all that is reasonable to fulfil the obligations. However, in the unlikely event that the problem renders the performance of their obligations impossible it may be necessary to cancel the booking. Should this occur the client will be contacted by phone or email and every reasonable effort will be made to assist the client in making alternative arrangements.

10. Our liability to you

The make-up artist will do all that is reasonable to attend the final appointment to perform the services agreed. However;-

  1. Should the make-up artist fail to attend the final appointment without notice, every effort will be made to assist the client in finding alternative arrangements. In this case liability is limited to reasonable expenses incurred in seeking alternative services of the same nature. In any event the amount is limited to the cost of the original booking deposit.
  2. Should the make-up artist provide notice that they are unable to attend the final appointment every effort will be made to assist the client to find alternative arrangements and the make-up artist will return the monies paid to at that time for services due to be performed.

11. Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

Please refer to privacy policy here.

Photography-After obtaining consent from the client and photographer, the make-up artist may use any photography for publicity purposes which include but are not limited to the make-up artist’s website and social media pages. If the client prefers the photos to be removed at a later stage, requests should be emailed to:


12. Recommendations

  1. It is recommended that the client makes themselves familiar with the services to be provided and the products to be used.
  2. It is recommended that the client takes out the requisite insurance, for example wedding insurance, to assist should any problems arise.
  3. It is recommended that the client provides contact details to facilitate contact at any reasonable time.